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    The market is any business or home that uses tile, marble, granite, cement, wood, fiberglass or vinyl floors and any hotel, motel or home that has a bathtub. This includes just about every business and home. Hotels and motels, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, department stores, food processors, warehouses, airports, health clubs, municipal buildings, etc., are excellent prospects for our products and services. All of these businesses have at one time or another, experienced a slip/fall accident, either by a customer or employee.

    The following statistics are based on National Safety Council figures for the U.S.A.

    • Over 25,000 slip/fall injuries requiring hospital care occur each day.
    • There are workers' compensation claims totaling over 200 million dollars per year.
    • The total expense resulting from slip/fall injuries is a 100 billion dollar problem

    Special Qualifications: There are no special qualifications to be a successful Trusty-Step Dealer. The only requirements are a desire to succeed and the ability and enjoyment of talking to people. There are no special hours, as a matter of fact, some dealers started part-time and gradually increased their hours as their business grew.


    There are no investment requirements, order as little or as much as you need

    Unlike franchising, there are no royalty fees.

  • Please call 800-323-0047 or email safety@trusty-step.com

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