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Tile Testing Service ANSI A137.1-2014


    See below, the AMAZING ANSI Test results, for a ceramic tile treated with No.1001 and an identical ceramic tile, untreated. (Complete test results available upon request.)

  • DCOF Results

    Untreated Tile Treated Tile
    0.34 0.67
    0.30 0.68
    0.29 0.68
    Average 0.310 0.677
  • Walkways with a wet Dynamic Coefficient Of Friction of 0.42 or greater are defined as "High Traction" under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B101.1 & B101.3 Standards.

  • Do Your Floor Tiles Pass the DCOF Test?

    Eliminate dangerous, slippery floors, help prevent serious slip/fall accidents and stop expensive lawsuits!

  • Send us your tile(s)(minimum 10" x 10") for a DCOF Test - $250/each tile
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