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    How to reduce slip/fall accidents on hard mineral surfaces at restaurants. These include ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile, marble, granite, terrazzo and concrete.


    If you’re in the restaurant business, then you know slip/fall accidents are a huge problem. With more than one million restaurants across the country, and more than 14 million employees, it is not surprising how large a problem slip/fall accidents are. In addition to serious injuries requiring hospitalization, slip/fall accident expenses are off the charts. Almost 12 million people experience a slip/fall accident each year in the United States and are injured seriously enough to be hospitalized. According to the National Safety Council, slip/fall accidents are the leading cause of injury related emergency room visits. They are the second leading cause of accidental deaths after automobile accidents.


    How do these figures impact the restaurant industry? Slip/fall accidents represent 20% of the most common injuries suffered by restaurant employees. There are an average of 4 workers’ compensation claims per year per restaurant at an average cost per year of $45,600. You would need to sell 3,000 QSR meals (quick service restaurants) or 1,300 casual-dining meals to cover the cost of the average workers’ compensation claim. Even more important are the personal costs of a workplace slip/fall accident. There are scars, tissue damage, bone damage and even drug addiction resulting from taking prescription pain medication.

    In addition to employee injuries, slip/fall accidents are the leading cause of restaurant customer accidents. You have an obligation and a legal responsibility, to keep your restaurant floors, free from hazards that could harm your customers and your bottom line. Tiles become slippery when wet. Tiles treated with No. 1001 Trusty-Step Anti Slip Floor Treatment, will make your tile floors slip resistant for a minimum of 4 years-Guaranteed.


    Develop a slip/fall accident control Policy.

    Analyze losses to pinpoint troublesome areas. According to loss information, hard mineral surface floors in kitchens, dining room and bathrooms are the most dangerous areas. Maintain good housekeeping practices. Be sure that cleaning materials are completely removed after cleaning. Residual cleaning material, when mixed with water, creates an ice skating rink.


    1. Select a proven manufacturer of anti slip floor treatments like Trusty-Step and have your cleaning crew apply, according to Trusty-Step’s instructions.

    2. Select NevaSlip, Trusty-Step’s sister company and have their trained technicians apply their anti slip treatment to your floors.

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