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Model BOT-3000E Digital Tribometer - $7,995 FREE shipping within contiguous United States

  • The BOT-3000E is a highly precise, digital instrument capable of measuring the dynamic and static coefficient of friction (COF) of all types of hard surface floors. It is qualified for use with ANSI A326.3 “American National Standard Test Method for measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials”. The BOT-3000E has a data reporting application (The STEP App) that conforms to ANSI and ASTM standards to make reporting seamless and effective. It meets the requirements of ASTM F2508 for the validation and certification of walkway tribometers. It takes pictures while running a test, and provides a printed record of results. Extremely simple to run tests-Just press a button.

  • The BOT-3000E Package includes:

    1. Bluetooth enabled BOT3000-E Tribometer
    2. Samsung Galaxy 8 Tablet with silicone protective case.
    3. 1 year subscription to the STEP App, which will streamline your reports and provide you with information that meets legal standards.
    4. No power cord or electrical outlet required.
    5. Electronic skills not required.
    6. Warranty: One year parts and labor

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