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  • If you would like to see how No. 1001 Trusty-Step Anti-Slip Floor Treatment performs on your floors, before making a purchase, please send us your tile(s) and we will treat and return it to you, at no charge.

    Send to: Trusty-Step International 271 Western Avenue, Suite 103-A Lynn, MA 01904

  • Slip-Fall Accidents are a Major Problem!

    The following statistics are based on National Safety Council figures:

    • Over 25,000 slip/fall injuries requiring hospital care occur each day!
    • Workman's compensation claims total 200 million dollars per year!
    • The total expense resulting from slip/fall injuries is a 100 billion dollar problem.
  • Help Prevent Falls On Slippery Surfaces

    Test Your Floor’s Slip Resistances With Our Slip Meter

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