Why Choose Non-Slip Bathroom flooring

  • Flooring is one of the best features to add to your interiors whether it is your residence or a commercial establishment. Right flooring can completely transform the appearance of your home and enhance safety. You have to keep in mind potential health risks and safety hazards which may occur due to negligence. You have to be more particular if you are a well-established commercial outlet, shop, malls or hotel. Failure to not meet safety standards often leave you susceptible to lawsuits.

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    Every year, millions of bathroom accidents are reported and the main cause is slippery flooring. Not paying attention to these basic things can cause some serious damage. Experts highly recommend going for slip-resistant tiles or performing anti skid treatments to your existing flooring. There are a wide range of non slip flooring treatments available which helps reduce the risk of slipping or falling when the surface is wet. Thanks to innovative technology, we have bathroom tiles with better friction and grading. Trusty-Step International offers you a complete line of slip-resistant floor and bathtub treatments to solve this problem. Our non-skid products will make any type of flooring slip-resistant whether it is bathroom, standard flooring, driveway, corridor or any place. Trusty-Step brings to you anti slip products for all sorts of requirements whether it is for the indoors or outdoors.

    Benefits of choosing non-slip flooring

    There are plenty of benefits of choosing non-skid treatment. Let's have a look for better understanding!

    Benefits of Non Slip Bathroom Flooring


    One of the best benefits of going for these treatments is safety. Anti slip non slip tiles offer great anti-slip properties. It has added layers of friction to let you grip the surface strongly. This helps avoid accidents and falls which is a common occurrence. Non-slips tiles let you move hassle-free and fearless in your bathroom unlike.

    Cost Effective

    People often have this misconception that non-slip flooring treatments are a costly affair. It is actually not; our products are affordable and are reasonably priced. It is cost effective and offers you utmost safety which is one of the most important factors for everyone whether you are looking at your residence or commercial space.

    Low on Maintenance

    These treatments do not require any extra maintenance. Not only are these easy to clean but also easy to maintain. You have to follow a normal maintenance routine to keep your bathroom tiles neat and clean, that's it! There is no extra effort required. Save your time, money and efforts by following an easy maintenance regime.

    Peace of Mind

    Once you have non-slippery tiles, you can enjoy your peace of mind. You don't have to worry about falling inside the bathroom. People have these common phobias that they might fall inside the bathroom. With non-slippery tiles, you and your guests can enjoy your quality time inside without any worries or fear whatsoever. Satisfaction is what we all need and non-slip tiles help you find that much needed peace of mind and satisfaction.


    Our treatments add more life to your tiles and they generally last much longer. Non-slip bathroom flooring are extremely durable and lasting. It also has scratch resistance properties.  You can expect your bathroom to last many years as long as you spend in its upkeep. It is certainly value for money.

    Final Thoughts - If you are looking for a way to make your floors safe then you are at the right place. We are here to help you solve these common problems. You can leave it with us as our only job is to make slippery floors safe. By opting for such treatments, you can enjoy your peace of mind.  Once you have anti-skid flooring, you can expect a better experience. It also reduces lawsuits which are common for hotels, motels, malls, shopping complexes and other commercial establishments. You can save your money on insurance and increase the morale of your employees and staff. It certainly improves their performance at work too when they are aware they have non slip flooring. Most important of all you can expect less injuries due to fall or accidents mainly caused because of slippery tiles and flooring.

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