Effective Ways to Treat Slippery Vinyl Floors

  • Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. It adds aesthetics to your property and also comes at an affordable cost. But, just like plenty of benefits, here comes a drawback as vinyl floors are prone to slips. And because of its lavish looks, people often choose these over other types of flooring and end up facing slippery issues. The reason is vinyl floors consist of sleek polyvinyl chloride, which may lead to dangerous slipping accidents unless you take precautionary measures to avoid them. If you are searching for effective ways to treat slippery vinyl floors, then you are at the right place. Let's have a look!

    What is the right time to use non slip vinyl flooring?

    Since Vinyl floors are slippery, the ideal time to fix them is as soon as the installation process of the tiles/flooring is over. You should find an effective non slip treatment sooner when you already have an old vinyl floor.

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    How Do You Make Non Slip Vinyl Floors?

    The good news is - There are so many ways to treat your slippery flooring. While some solutions and treatments are highly effective, others may not work as expected. Therefore, it is advisable to go with something that works well and gives you a long-term solution. It also depends upon the area and space it applies. Therefore, you should choose something that is effective yet easier to perform.

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    Use a degreasing agent  - When treating areas such as the kitchen and garage, you can use a degreasing agent. These are sensitive places and, hence, conventional methods may not work as effectively as a degreasing agent would. Kitchen and Garages are prone to oil and greases and are likely to be much more slippery than other places. A Degreasing agent helps fight stubborn stains but also helps remove oil & grease on the affected areas. Keep in mind that this is not a long-term non slip solution, but it is highly effective against grease.

    Perform Anti Skid Treatment - There are a wide variety of non slip floor coatings that are not only simple to apply but last longer than traditional chemicals. These treatments are suitable for most surfaces. Excellent quality non skid coating product works excellently well both indoors and outdoors. Non slip floor coating provides you a slip resistant floor to protect you from slip-related injuries caused in places with applications like concrete, wood (patios/stairs), metal, and other surfaces.

    Stop Using products that aggravate the problem  - Factors like moisture, dust, grease, polish, and soap are the reasons behind slippery vinyl floors. One of the best practices is to avoid using these to eliminate the problem. It is optional to add additional solutions to treat the floors and reduce the slipping issues.

    Anti slip coatings increased slip resistance on floors without compromising on the look. It is an easy and cost-effective solution.

    Pros and cons of non slip vinyl flooring:

    Let's have a look at some of the PROS of non-slip vinyl flooring:

    Easy to apply -

    It is considerably easier to use and apply in all places. Non Slip Vinyl flooring solution can be used in almost all places, indoors or outdoors.


    These treatments are often long-lasting so, you don't have to worry about applying non slip treatments again and again. Once you perform the non slip treatment for vinyl flooring, you can expect the results to last for a significant amount of time.


    Non skid vinyl flooring adds multiple thin layers to increase safety. So, you and your guests can move around safely in your house. Once you know your flooring is anti skid, you can move more freely without any hassles.


    Non Vinyl flooring treatment is an affordable treatment, and you don't have to worry about the cost much. It is value for your money.


    Helps you meet the commercial safety standards with the best non skid coating. Most commercial work surfaces are dangerously slippery when wet, and the most effective way to avoid workplace accidents is to use Anti Slip Floor Coating Products and Treatments.

    Some of the CONS of non-slip vinyl flooring are:


    It requires you to put some effort into the upkeep of the flooring. Make sure you stick to the advice suggested by the expert for better and sustainable results.


    You have to wait for a certain period before walking on the floor. It takes a few hours for the treatment to settle during the installation process.

    Treat Your Vinyl Floors Today

    Trusty-Step International offers a complete line of slip resistant floor coating products and bathtub treatments for commercial, industrial & residential use. Our non-skid flooring products will make any floor and tiles slip-resistant when wet, including marble, granite, terrazzo, cement, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. In addition, our non slip flooring products are used indoors or outdoors.

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