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    PREFER Us To Do The Anti slip Tile Treatment? Check out NevaSlip Professional Anti Slip Floor Treatment Service.

    NevaSlip, a division of Trusty-Step International, offers a professionally applied, anti-slip floor and tile treatment service, using our proven, specially concentrated formula applied by our trained technicians. NevaSlip is not available for do-it-yourself use.

    This non slip tile treatment, microscopically etches an invisible tread into the surface. These treads prevent the sole of a shoe or foot from slipping and sliding, thereby creating a non-slip surface.

    NevaSlip Professional Anti Slip Floor Treatment Service treats ceramic, porcelain, quarry tiles, terrazzo and concrete. Indoors or Outdoors. NevaSlip has been making kitchens, lobbies, entry ways, shower rooms, patios, pool decks, etc. slip resistant for 30+ years. The perfect safety solution for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, malls, etc.

    In most cases, there will be little or no gloss reduction or color change. It takes our crews about one hour to treat 500 square feet. Anti Slip Treatment Service times are scheduled at your convenience, usually when your business is closed, so there is no interruption or inconvenience. The floor will be ready to walk on as soon as our crew is finished. Cleaning can be done the same as always.

    10 Year Guarantee

    Floors treated by NevaSlip technicians are guaranteed to have a Static Coefficient Of Friction (SCOF) reading of 0.6 or higher. The Americans with Disabilities Act and OSHA rate horizontal surfaces with a SCOF of 0.6 slip resistant and safe. A NevaSlip treated floor is guaranteed to remain slip resistant for 10 Years.


    If you provide us with sample tiles, we will treat them with NevaSlip and return them to you at no charge. You will be able to see exactly what your floor will look and feel like, before you have the work done. You will be amazed at how slip resistant and safe your floors can be after a NevaSlip treatment.

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