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About Trusty-Step

Trusty-Step International was formed in 1988 in the United States to help solve the problem of slip/fall accidents in the home and work place by offering a wide range of non-slip products for flooring. Traditionally, businesses and consumers have accepted the fact that most surfaces are dangerously slippery when wet and that the only way to avoid accidents was to be constantly watchful and careful. While caution is important when dealing with slippery floors and bathtubs, it is not the solution to the slip/fall problem. In spite of the "slippery when wet" signs we see everywhere, slip/fall accidents are increasing each year. The result is increased insurance premiums, absence of key personnel due to injury and slow-down in work and production because of treacherous conditions. By using our slip-resistant products on your tile floors, steps, concrete floors, outdoor wooden decks, ramps and driveways, you can make your residential, commercial or industrial floors non-slip and safer.

Slip/Fall Accident Area Major Problem!

The following statistics are based on National Safety Council figures:

Over 25,000 slip/fall injuries requiring hospital care occur each day!

Workman's compensation claims total 200 million dollars per year!

The total expense resulting from slip/fall injuries is a 100 billion dollar problem.

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