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Trusty -Step 3001


    • Formulated for use on floor's treated with No. 1222 or No. 1333
  • Product Information

    No. 3001 Trusty-Step floor Cleaner is a specially formulated, one step, safety enhancing floor cleaner,when used on a daily basis. No. 3001 replaces your current cleaner/detergent. It cleans and restores the gloss while enhancing the non-skid floor's slip-resistant properties. One gallon, when diluted, will cover approximately 60,000 sq. ft. As soon as the floor dries, it is ready to walk on.

  • For Use On

    All types of floors treated with No. 1222 or No. 1333.

  • Typical Applications:

    Supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

  • Coverage:

    60,000 square feet (5580 square meters) per gallon (3.79 liters).

  • Shelf Life:

    Two year

  • Application Instructions:

    1. Thoroughly sweep or vacuum floor to remove any dirt or soil.
    2. Dilute 3 ounces (88.72 ml) of TRUSTY-STEP Cleaner with one gallon (3.79 liters) warm water.
    3. TRUSTY-STEP Cleaner may be applied using a wet mop.
      USING A WET MOP: Use 2 buckets to avoid redepositing grease or protein soils. Mop floor using a clean cotton or cotton/synthetic mop. Allow the floor to dry completely. Do not rinse.
    4. Process should be repeated daily.
  • Money Back Guarantee:

    If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of any Trusty-Step Product for any reason, simply return within 30 days of invoice for a full refund.

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